Sol Naciente Kindergarten

Be happy, love life,
learn through play & value the others

Jardín Infantil - Sol Naciente - Arcoiris
Jardín Infantil - Sol Naciente
Jardín Infantil - Sol Naciente

We are an Early Childhood Education Institution that accompanies children’s formation in shared responsibility with families; creating environments of connection and healthy coexistence; around nature, art, culture, and the enhancement of one’s being through values.

Sol Naciente - Fecha de inicio

Sol Naciente was born in September 2001

and since then we have fostered harmonious environments that promote autonomy to enjoy recreational activities, music, literature, and the exploration of the natural environment.

Our pedagogical inspiration

We are inspired by a conscious pedagogy, guiding children in developing life skills while respecting the natural process of their growth, rhythms, and learning styles.

Our approach prioritizes experiential learning, through the creation of projects that emerge from children’s interests and needs, enhancing their skills and talents by nurturing their capacity for wonder, fostering healthy self-esteem.
Jardín Infantil Sol Naciente - Barquito
Jardin Infantil Sol Naciente - Inspiración pedagógica

Conscious Pedagogy embraces families as a fundamental part of the process and creates a constant connection that enriches the protective environment.

Jardín Infantil Sol Naciente - Sol

Our Emphases

Jardín Infantil Son Naciente - Formación en Valores

Values education

Jardín Infantil Son Naciente - Ambiental


Jardín Infantil Son Naciente - Cultural y artísitico

Cultural and artistic

Jardín Infantil Son Naciente - Alimentación Consciente

Conscious nutrition

Jardín Infantil Sol Naciente - Muneco

as an accredited institution


families positively impacted


jobs generated per year

Our Levels

Jardín Infantil Sol Naciente - Luna


1 a 1.11 years old


2 a 2.11 years old


3 a 3.11 years old


4 a 5 years old

Our Sessions

Jardín Infantil Sol Naciente - Pecesito


7:30 am – 12:00pm


1:30 am – 6:00pm

Full day

7:30 am – 6:00pm


7:30 am – 3:00pm
11:30 am – 6:00pm

Our Team

Jardín Infantil Sol Naciente - Nuestro equipo
Jardín Infantil Sol Naciente - Nuestro equipo

Competent, committed, responsible, and charismatic teachers

They enhance children’s development in warm and secure environments, mediated by loving bonds, thanks to reflective and respectful evaluation of the diverse ways children learn, feel, act, and perceive the world.
Jardín Infantil Sol Naciente - Muneco

Happy Families

“Thanks to God and life, because every day we can send our greatest treasure (Elena) to kindergarten confidently… She leaves happily and arrives happily, recounting all her adventures and learnings!”

-Ángela & Juan Camilo, Elena’s parents
Jardín Infantil Sol Naciente - Familias Felices

Photo Gallery

Jardín Infantil Sol Naciente - Mariposita


Jardín Infantil Sol Naciente - Avión
Boy / Girl

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